If the dealer has not added the commodities that he is dealing with to the masters, He/She will not be shown the main screen of e_SUGAM. Dealer has to go to “Reports and Help” “Add e-SUGAM Commodities” and insert commodities, then come back to e-SUGAM form.

The e-SUGAM screen for the data entry has been designed with the same details that were being filled by the dealers in the physical forms vat 505/515.

Select the commodity from list provided in the field “Main Commodity” and then you may enter the details in the field “Comm. desc”. Enter the details of Quantity with Unit such as KGS, QTLS, LTS,MTS, Pieces ,Boxes etc for all the commodities that would be transported with the document Form e-SUGAM. Total Value of all the goods put together may be entered in the field ‘Value’.

The Vehicle Number, Transporter’s Name and address and GC/LR No. can be left blank, if it is not available while entering the details in the Form to obtain Form e-SUGAM electronically. The said details can be entered in ink after taking out a print of Form e-SUGAM from the e-fling system.

The “Category of transaction” is the field where-in you have to select the type of the transaction for which delivery note in Form is being generated. If the delivery note in Form is being issued for delivery after sale or after purchase or for stock transfer or for consignment sale etc. then you are required to enter the TIN belonging to the other dealer with whom the transaction is being carried out in the field “Dealer TIN”. In case, the transportation is to the registered dealer of Karnataka, then the “name and address” of the dealer is automatically displayed in the relevant column and you need not enter the said details. In case, the goods are transported to Un-registered dealer or the other state dealer, the ‘name and addresses of the dealer need to be entered. Select the type of the document in the field “document type” in relation to the transportation of goods for which the delivery note in Form is issued. The “document type” also should match with the requirement under the category selected. In case of “After sale” and “To his principal” categories, document type needs to be “Invoice” and in case of “After Purchase” category, the document type needs to be “Invoice” or “Self-purchased Bill” .

Dealer can enter date of transportation of goods as Today’s date OR Tomorrow’s date for local purchase and sale or likely date of goods entering the state, in case of inter-state purchases as 10 days from today.. Other dates are not allowed for this column. There are two buttons to use, namely “SAVE” and “SAVE AND SUBMIT”. The “SAVE” button can be used to save the details temporarily and submit it at later point in time to take a print out of e-SUGAM. Whereas “SAVE AND SUBMIT” can be used to save and submit the details in one go and take a print out of the Form e-SUGAM. Once submitted, it is not possible to change the details. Therefore one has to be very careful about the details entered before submitting.

                                                         For further information, please contact - control room - 080-22257665 (Round the clock)